Mentoring Is Its Own Reward

Everyone who’s ever had a close mentor knows how amazing that dynamic can be. Mentors spend a great deal of time and effort making sure their pupil has the tools they need for success. Most of them ask for nothing in return except well-deserved pride in their mentee’s accomplishments.

Not asking for benefits doesn’t mean these mentors aren’t getting anything out of the partnership, though. Mentoring really is a two-way street: everyone gets something out of it – and you can find one right here at home at B2B Windsor. Here are six reasons you should be looking for your next protégé right now.

  1. Mentoring keeps your mind sharp. While guiding a new colleague through a problem, you have the chance to go over material your current colleagues haven’t seen since they were first learning. You’ll be the first to adopt new and updated industry standards just by dint of seeing them first. Your protégé may also have offbeat ideas that challenge your way of thinking.
  2. Mentoring improves your standing in your field. Having been a mentor gives you the cache of Knowing What Is Happening. These qualities will have people coming to you for advice and help at other times. Also, when your protégée is off doing wonderful things people are watching them. Their competence, sense, and flexibility will be a credit to your guidance as well as their own skill.
  3. Mentoring gives you direct influence on the future of your profession. Do you think industry standards have slipped? Don’t like how a certain group handles inter-group competition? Worried about the shifty sales methods you’ve seen lately becoming the norm? Find a smart, resourceful newcomer and teach them all the things you don’t want to see die out. When they start to mentor later on, they’ll pass your teachings on to the next group.
  4. Mentoring makes you a better leader. Mentoring another entrepreneur isn’t like being a military leader. You have more experience, yes, but your protégé is (usually) a grown adult with their own life experiences. You can’t simply issue orders and expect them to be obeyed. Mentoring teaches you how to instruct without talking down to the person you’re working with.
  5. Mentoring helps you build professional relationships. Your protégé will one day become someone with whom you can talk freely and discuss ideas. Their peers can mesh with yours to create a larger network of professionals sharing ideas and inspiration. Besides the younger generation, you may find your professional relationships with senior members in your field improving as well once you have enough shared experiences.
  6. Mentoring gives you a sense of accomplishment. Last but certainly not least, this is a huge yet difficult to measure benefit. We know that scientists say we’re healthier and live longer when we feel useful, but mentoring is more than that. Mentoring gives you a boost every time your former mentee does something great, forever. Experience this feeling for yourself by joining B2B Windsor today, and learn how mentoring can can change your life forever!

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