Membership & Renewal Application

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Membership Committee's review of past participation of applicant, as to involvement in B2B, number of referrals given, B2B's done, and attendance:


By submitting this information, I agree to abide by the following policies and procedures as long as I am a part of B2B Windsor:

  • This contract is effective for one year from the date of acceptance. I understand my membership renewal is not automatic, but each year I will submit a renewal application in which my participation and contribution to B2B Windsor will be reviewed by the Membership Committee.
  • The annual marketing fee of $300 is due upon submission of membership / renewal applications, and is to be used for the marketing of B2B Windsor and its members within Windsor-Essex County.
  • B2B Windsor allows only one business per business category to join, and I agree my category represents my primary business.
  • I will attend the weekly meeting to the best of my ability, and understand if I miss more then four meetings within a six month period, my membership may be revoked, my category opened to another business, and my marketing dues forfeit.
  • B2B Windsor's Leadership Team and Membership Committee have the sole responsibility of approving or denying any application, and deciding on and executing out any discipline needed.
  • B2B Windsor's financials will be properly documented, with receipts provided for applications and breakfast fees. Two signatures are required for all B2B cheques.
  • I am responsible for contributing to my fellow members of B2B Windsor through regular referrals, Business to Business (B2B) meetings, inviting potential members to join, involvement with committees or the Leadership Team, and regular attendance.
  • I will act with integrity, professionalism and honesty with all members and their referred contacts.
  • I hold harmless all members of B2B, its Leadership Team or any affiliations against any liability, claim, loss, cost, damage or injury or incidents that may arise from my membership.