B2B Windsor - Referral NetworkingPolicies

Our Mission

Is to assist business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in succeeding by creating a forum where members can exchange referrals and educate fellow members about their respective businesses. Members have the opportunity to share contacts, make referrals, offer leads and market together as a professional organization.

Group Committees and Finances

B2B has leadership and membership committee’s that have been voted into place, and they will approve applications, decide on renewals, discipline, and have control over the finances of the group. Finances will be regulated, documented, two signatures required for all cheques written and how we use them will be voted upon by all members.

Expected Conduct

All Members of B2B are expected to contribute to the group through regular referrals, Business to Business meetings (B2B), inviting potential members to the meetings as guests, involvement with committees or the executive team, and personal attendance. Members will act with integrity, professionalism and honesty with all members and their referrals.


Members are expected to attend the meetings every week. If more than 4 meetings within a 6 month period are missed, the member will be up for review with the membership committee and the category may be opened up to a competitor. If the member is voted out, they forfeit any and all monies contributed to the group marketing/event fund.

Marketing Fee

The marketing fee is $350 for the first year and $300 annually thereafter. This fee is used towards maintaining our website and social media campaigns as well as advertising and marketing to expand our networking group through print, online, business mixers, and group events.

Breakfast Dues

The breakfast cost is $14 a week, payable quarterly. Breakfast fees are collected regardless of attendance and overages will be used in the marketing fund.